Muistikirja Night Sky Neapolitan (Archer & Olive)

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Archer & Oliven muistikirja Night Sky. Tässä kirjassa sivuja kaikissa kolmessa värissä: valkoinen, kraft (ruskea) ja musta.
Näissä muistikirjoissa paksu 160gsm paperi josta ei vuoda tai ghostaa läpi.

– koko A5, n. 14,6 x 20,9cm (5.75″ x 8.25″)
– pistesivut, 0.5cm grid
– 160 sivua
– 160gsm paperi
– kolmea paperin väriä: valkoinen, kraft (ruskea) ja musta
– avautuu kokonaan (lay flat)
– tasku takakannessa
– kuminauhakiinnitys
– kaksi kirjanmerkkinauhaa
– kynälenkki

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    Just what I was looking for
    Kommentti The quality of A&O journals is fantastic. The paper is thick enough to protect from the bleedthrough of most pens and markers. The only one of my markers to somewhat bleed through was a Sharpie, but that should come as no surprise. Sakura Microns and Gel Pens write beautifully on this paper. The 26×38 grid size is perfect for trackers and weekly spreads, and the A5 size of the notebook is large enough to make me feel like I have more than enough space on the page without being too big to carry around comfortably in a bag. This particular notebook has white, craft, and black paper divided throughout. The white and black papers are very smooth. The craft paper has a slight, but nice, amount of tooth to it. As someone who wasn’t sure which paper to go with, this has allowed me to experiment. I’ve been through a set of each and find them all fantastic. When I’m done with this notebook, I’m going to have a tough time choosing a paper type to go with – I might just get another one of these, to be honest. 😀 (Victoria I, GER)

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